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Closed for summer maintenance

The USC Fisher Museum of Art will reopen for public viewing on September 2nd, 2015 presenting Gyre: The Plastic Ocean. The exhibition explores the complex relationship between humans and the ocean in a contemporary culture of consumption..

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Unsustainable Creatures: Elephant

Cynthia Minet: Beast of Burden

September 2-October 10, 2015

"Beast of Burden" features illuminated, life-size, mixed media sculptures and drawings of domesticated animals from Cynthia Minet's series 'Unsustainable Creatures.' The exhibition draws upon the artist's ongoing reflection on the complicated relationships and dependence humans have with the world we...

Indra's Cloud

Gyre: The Plastic Ocean

September 2-November 21, 2015

A flip-flop discarded in Thailand finds its way to Hawaii, and a bottle cast off from a tsunami in Japan becomes Alaska's beach litter. In a culture dependent upon the modern convenience of plastic, throwaway products of consumption are affecting...

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