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Labor Monkey (detail) and Pastel Sticks #20 (detail)

Labor Monkey (detail) and Pastel Sticks #20 (detail)

Labor Monkey
Pablo Baen Santos
oil on canvas
72 x 84 in.

Pastel Sticks #20
Pastel on paper
30 x 44 in.
Courtesy of the Artist

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The Triumph of Philippine Art and Richard Parker: Poetic Illusions

February 6-April 13, 2014

The Triumph of Philippine Art

The Triumph of Philippine Art uniquely exhibits the nation's political story and turmoil. Featured in the show are contemporary Filipino-American artists from various backgrounds and styles. The different art movements are categorized into two main sections: starting from the oppression of the Martial Law period (1972-1986) and transitioning into the 1986 non-violent insurgence. Filipino art has been developing and connecting the primitive, traditional, and modern aspects of the Philippine culture - which is evident in the works displayed in The Triumph of Philippine Art.

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Richard Parker: Poetic Illusions

Richard Parker: Poetic Illusions spans the last two decades and features landscapes and works for the Pastel Sticks, Walls, Collages, and Hardware series. Los Angeles artist, Richard Parker, utilizes charcoal, chalk, and pastel to deliver his contemplative and poetic vision. His original drawings are non-realistic and stylized, but they are also geometrically pristine and exquisitely executed - poetically presenting a quiet and subtle elegance.

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