Aquí y Allá

A virtual exhibition series featuring artists from the Fisher Museum’s permanent collection



In 1983, the USC Fisher Gallery broke barely tilled ground with Aquí: 27 Latin American Artists Living and Working in the United States. Included were Carlos Almaraz, Roberto Gil de Montes, Liliana Porter, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Alfredo Jaar, Luis Camnitzer, and Ana Mendieta among others. Many of the artists we showed built well-established reputations. Some, including Ana Mendieta, Carlos Almaraz, and Luis Frangella, have since died, leaving their marks on a revised art history canon.

It would no longer be correct to name a show Aquí. We recognize that identity slips and slides, multiplies, and divides, adds and subtracts. Artists living in Mexico see themselves as aquí, but when one is positioned in Los Angeles, they exist allá. Or an artist might be both aquí y allá and decline to be defined by a single place.

This series of virtual exhibitions entitled Aquí y Allá, reflects Fisher’s long-time, multi-faceted, Mexico-related collecting and the complexity of place.


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