Miri Chais: Re:Mind

42 copySeptember 17-November 15, 2014

“If we are programmed like computers, then what differentiates a man from a machine? We will create artificial memories, and master complex skills instantaneously. And what becomes of the human soul, sum of a person’s knowledge and experience?” -Miri Chais

In a metaphorical trip down the Rabbit Hole, Los Angeles artist Miri Chais reflects on the increasingly porous boundaries between the physical world and augmented reality and the future of mankind in this age of technological evolution, exploring the ways in which that and the influence of social media have affected life in the 21st century.

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In her first solo exhibition in the US, Miri Chais will create a multi-media site-specific installation, incorporating Japanese anime style imagery and pop culture references, taking viewers through the intersection of the physical and digital worlds.

The exhibition features several distinct bodies of work, together forming a larger cohesive installation: the Augmented Garden sculptures, inspired by Japanese Zen gardening, contemplate the meeting place between nature and culture and The Golem, an advanced technology-inspired sculpture manifests the hybridity of what Chais perceives as the human experience today, bridging times and cultures. Chais reflects on the future and the ways life and mankind’s body and soul will be affected by technological breakthroughs. Contemplating a future where, for example, technology could make it possible for artificial memories to be inserted into the brain, thus entirely blurring the distinction between reality and fiction.