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Shirin Neshat // “Ghada” and “Sayed” // Gift of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Shirin Neshat, “Ghada” and “Sayed” (from “Our House is on Fire” series), 2013.

Shirin Neshat is a contemporary Iranian artist who primarily works in photography, film, and video. She grew up in Tehran, then moved to California to study art during the Iranian Revolution. She received her BA, MA, and MFA from UC Berkeley. Common themes in her work include social, political, and psychological aspects of people undergoing traumatic experiences, particularly women and youth. The Our House is on Fire series stays true to Neshat’s quintessential themes, since it primarily incorporates portraits of youth, with the exception of Ghada and Sayed, which were taken in 2013 during the Arab Spring when the artist was in Egypt.