Then and Now: Highlights from the USC Fisher Gallery Collections

 From November 15, 2006 to January 20, 2007

Then and Now showcases the collections highlights in a wide-ranging survey of the museum’s treasures. The exhibition will provide the visitor with the opportunity to view works of art that are not normally on display at USC Fisher Gallery.

USC Fisher Gallery “established in 1939” was the first museum in Los Angeles devoted exclusively to the exhibition and collection of fine art. Then and Now traces over 60 years of collecting at the university museum of the University of Southern California. The exhibition will feature landscapes belonging to the 17th century Dutch tradition, the French Barbizon School, the 19th century Hudson River School, and contemporary American and European examples. A selection of 17th century Dutch, 18th and 19th century British and contemporary American portraits will also be exhibited. An entire gallery will include a sampling of abstract works “two-dimensional and tri-dimensional” revealing artistic experimentation with lines, shapes, colors, texture, and perspective. From Jan Van Dalem and Thomas Gainsborough, through Fandra Chang and Salomon Huerta, this exhibition unveils the riches of a rarely exhibited collection.