“Three Limes,” 2020, 6 3/4 x 8 inches⁠, Etching and aquatint, ©Dan McCleary.


Skull #2, 2000, Etching

Twenty-two years ago, Los Angeles artist Dan McCleary was introduced to Oaxaca by friends and fellow artists, James hd Brown and Alexandra Brown. Two years later, he committed himself to work with legendary printmaker Fernando Sandoval. He found himself challenged by etching techniques that were new to him. The colorist painter of Los Angeles here dedicated himself to creating mostly black and white works in etching and aquatint. “Dan McCleary: Oaxaca” is an exploration of this 20-year (and ongoing) experience of printmaking.⁠⠀

While the Fisher Museum will remain closed to begin the spring semester, we are thrilled to present this exhibition. We will not be able to welcome guests into the museum to see Dan’s Oaxaca-based prints, but we are working within the new normal to display the beautiful works in a way that might mimic your in-person experience. Our presentation of this exhibition will not only please visually but will also illuminate the artist’s practice and partnership with his printmaker (the iconic Fernando Sandoval of Taller Sangfer).

And, so, this is what we are doing. We are hanging Dan McCleary’s exhibition. We are creating a video of that display which will expand and enrich the experience beyond the beautiful prints on the wall. We are producing a catalogue that will speak to the collaboration of the artist and the printmaker and include images of all of the work; it will be available in physical form and online. We will be presenting a slate of programs to engage viewers in real time.

Our hope is that in this new world of virtual exhibitions, we can provide you with the richest experience possible.

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With Spanish Subtitles

Sneak peek of the exhibition:

Teaser with English captions | Vista Previa con Subtítulos en Español

In their own words…

“I rarely offer more than one exhibition to any single artist. However, with Dan McCleary’s body of work celebrating twenty years of printmaking in Oaxaca, I am breaking that rule. I do this for several reasons: first having to do with the quality of the art itself, but second, honoring his extraordinary contributions to the richness of the creative ecosystem of Los Angeles.” ~ Selma Holo, Director of the USC Fisher Museum of Art

“I believe when you travel your mind works in a completely different way. Many people in Oaxaca don’t speak English and it forces me into a different mindset. When I am there my sole focus is making prints. Also, Oaxaca is not a museum city that exists in the glory of yesterday. Oaxaca is alive right now as a cultural and artistic center. It has become more so over the 20 years I have been going there. It has become one of the centers of printmaking.” ~ Dan McCleary, artist

“The first time I worked with Dan McCleary it was very curious because not only did he not speak Spanish, I did not speak English. We did not need spoken language to work. Technique was our language. Our communication was the etchings.” ~ Fernando Sandoval, master printer, Taller Sangfer

Exhibition Video created by Jeffrey Schneider


Explore the Exhibition Catalogue:

Catalogue design by Henry Connell

Etching of Christ Essay by Dan McCleary:

Read the essay by clicking on the images below.

Spring 2021 Public Programming:

Taller Sangfer Printshop Tour

Friday, March 19 at 4 PM (PST)

Join us for this special event! Master printer, Fernando Sandoval, will give a live tour of his print shop Taller Sangfer in Oaxaca, Mexico. The tour will be followed by a conversation between artist Dan McCleary and Fernando Sandoval. This program will be in Spanish & English.

This event has already ended.


(Virtual) Intaglio Printmaking Workshop

March 30 and April 6, 4 PM to 5 PM (PST)

In this virtual two-day workshop, participants will learn the basic techniques to intaglio printmaking that will allow you to print from home using minimal supplies and equipment. Participants will create their own ‘dry-point’ etching on repurposed plastic sheets and will learn how to print without using a traditional press. This particular printing technique goes back centuries. Using ink and pressure, an image is transferred to a damp piece of paper, which is then left to dry overnight under newsprint and a weighted object. The workshop requires some basic background in art-making (drawing and mark-making)All levels are welcome. For ages 13 and up. Prior to the workshop, participants will receive a list of supplies required. A limited number of scholarships are available for art kits.

This event has already ended.