The USC Fisher Museum of Art maintains a permanent collection of artwork ranging from old-master paintings to contemporary works and works on paper. The artwork in the collections date from 1500 to the present day and are comprised of objects by artists from Europe and North and South America working principally in painting, printmaking, drawing, and photography. The collections also contain a number of sculptures and decorative art objects. Of note are the collections of 19th and early 20th-century American landscapes, 16th through 19th-century Western European paintings, 17th through 19th century British portraits, 19th century French Barbizon landscapes, and 20th and 21st-century work. The growing contemporary collection features work by artists from California, Latin America, and Spain. It is also designed to include works of art with global and intellectual significance for our university community and the enrichment of our various communities.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the USC Fisher Museum of Art does not have a permanent collection exhibition gallery, we strive to have our works of art on display whenever possible. Please check our Current & Upcoming Exhibitions page for more information about ongoing and future exhibitions. Selections from our permanent collection can also be viewed online at Google Arts and Culture and reproductions purchased at 1000 Museums.

USC Fisher Museum of Art collects objects via gift and purchase within the parameters of its primary collections and collecting policies.

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The Elizabeth Holmes Fisher Collection

In 1937, the University of Southern California accepted a gift from Elizabeth Holmes Fisher to construct what is now known as the USC Fisher Museum of Art, dedicated on November 14, 1939. In addition to founding the museum, Mrs. Fisher…

The Armand Hammer Collection

Armand Hammer began collecting art in the 1920s with the purpose of decorating his Moscow home. At first, he collected with his brother, Victor Hammer. Following their return to the US, the brothers established the Hammer Galleries in New York…


20th and 21st Centuries Collections

The greatest area of growth in the USC Fisher Museum of Art in recent years is in the 20th and 21st centuries collections. This has been achieved through the generosity of donors and through purchases made by the museum. USC…


Jenny Holzer: Blacklist

What is Blacklist? The First Amendment/Blacklist Project committee was formed by faculty members of the Filmic Writing Program in the School of Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles at the suggestion of an undergraduate student…

Dr. Eugene Rogolsky Collection

In 2015, pioneering Beverly Hills AIDS doctor Dr. Eugene (Gene) Rogolsky donated his collection of more than 700 works to the USC Fisher Museum of Art. The doctor’s collection is a complex, unorthodox and introspective one…