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Fall 2015 @ Fisher:

We are thrilled to be hosting our upcoming exhibitions, Gyre: The Plastic Ocean and Cynthia Minet: Beast of Burden, and all programs and events associated with them!

Opening to public on September 2ndGyre: The Plastic Ocean is a traveling exhibition that made its way to us from Alaska’s Anchorage Museum. It explores the relationship between humans and the ocean in a contemporary culture of consumption through works of art made of trash collected from gyres (rotating ocean currents) and beaches. While the bright colors, intricate designs, and skillful creations of these works are aesthetically pleasing, they stand as testaments of negative human consumptive practices and the permanent damage done to the environment. We believe that this exhibition offers a new, artistic face to the previously scientific and political issues of waste, conservation, and sustainability, providing a new outlet to spread awareness while furthering opportunities to spark problem-solving debates at a much needed time in Southern California.
Click here for the Gyre: The Plastic Ocean press release.

Also opening on September 2nd in conjunction with Gyre: The Plastic OceanCynthia Minet: Beast of Burden, features illuminated, life-size, mixed media sculptures of domesticated animals from the artist’s series “Unsustainable Creatures.” The installation draws upon the complicated relationships and dependencies humans have with the world we inhabit, in line with Cynthia Minet’s continued interest in scientific and ecological issues. It also emphasizes the artist’s investigation of materials, and her aesthetics in successfully transforming found and repurposed plastics into visually compelling artworks.
Click here for the Cynthia Minet: Beast of Burden press release.