Fisher and the University

Carolina Castillo Larrea and her Spanish class.
Carolina Castillo Larrea and her Spanish class.

The Fisher Museum loves giving students tours that helps support what they’re learning in the classroom!

As a university museum, the Fisher is dedicated to providing students an enriching educational experience alongside their curriculum. During the current exhibition, the Fisher was lucky to have the USC Department of Spanish and Portuguese incorporate Gyre: The Plastic Ocean, into their studies. Spanish Professor Lori Mesrobian heard about the exhibit and created an assignment that incorporated the themes of the show into her lesson plan. Since two consecutive chapters in their textbook were on art and the environment, the Fisher was the perfect space to put their newly gained knowledge to use! Professor Mesrobian encouraged the rest of the department to visit the Fisher and we were so happy to accommodate all the classes! We continue to have students from the Spanish and Portuguese department visiting the museum for their class assignments.

In addition to the Spanish classes, we’ve also had visits from various other departments on campus, including Engineering, Environmental Studies, Politics, Social of Social Work, and more. Because art is universal, you don’t have to be in an art-related field to enjoy it – art can be applied to any subject!

There are so many ways to incorporate the Fisher Museum’s exhibitions into education! Contact our Education Department to find out more about tours, programs, and how the Fisher can become a fun and integral part of the classroom!