August 22, 2024 – November 23, 2024

Cameron, Holy Guardian Angel According to Aleister Crowley, 1966. 
Casein and gold lacquer on board. Photograph by Alan Shaffer. 
Courtesy of the Cameron Parsons Foundation, Santa Monica.

Sci-Fi, Magick, Queer L.A.: Sexual Science and the Imagi-Nation considers the importance of science fiction fandom and occult interests to U.S. LGBTQ history. Science fiction and occult communities helped pave the way for the LGBTQ movement by providing a place for individuals to meet and imagine spaces less restricted by societal norms. The exhibition focuses on Los Angeles from the late 1930s through 1960s and looks both forward and backward to follow the lives of writers, publishers, and early sci-fi enthusiasts, including progressive communities such as the LA Science Fantasy Society, the Ordo Templi Orientis at the Agape Lodge, and ONE Inc. Spanning fandom, aerospace research, queer history, and the occult, Sci-Fi, Magick, Queer L.A. reveals how artists, scientists, and visionary thinkers like Jim Kepner, Lisa Ben, Margaret Brundage, Morris Scott Dollens, Marjorie Cameron, Renate Druks, Curtis Harrington, and Kenneth Anger worked together to envision and create a world of their own making through films, photographs, music, illustrations, costumes, and writing. Programming will include film screenings, panel discussions, and a Halloween cosplay event.

About PST Art: Art & Science Collide

Comprising dozens of exhibitions and other public programs across Southern California, is the next edition of the Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time collaboration with regional arts organizations.