Where is Ana Mendieta?

For those who are asking  “Where is Ana Mendieta?” we have an answer: Aquí !

In response to what has been going on at the Tate Modern throughout the past few days, we wanted to remember our 1983 exhibition Aquí, which showcased the work of 27 Latin American artists living and working in the United States, including Ana Mendieta. This was the first time Mendieta was exhibited in the Los Angeles area. In 1987, Aquí was acknowledged by The New York Times as one of the early examples of Hispanic art exhibitions in the United States.

Artists Ana Mendieta and Trevor Norris at the opening reception of Aquí (click to zoom.)

In USC Fisher Museum of Art director Selma Holo’s words, the exhibition, which was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, “is dedicated to the proposition that change does indeed exist and that one of the tasks of an enlightened society is to be willing to investigate it.”

Excerpts from the exhibition catalogue (click to zoom.)