Visual Culture in the Ancient World

Under the aegis of the IMI and the leadership of Professor John Pollini, Visual Culture in the Ancient World (VCAW) is dedicated to museological education and research involving the ancient cultures of the world and their specific intersections with the cultural institution devoted to generation and dissemination of knowledge.

La Curtiduria

La Curtiduria is a contemporary space for the arts in Oaxaca, Mexico, which feeds and enriches artistic encounters with dialogue, exchange, dissemination of ideas, exchanges and artistic production. USC’s IMI collaborated with this activist organization in their fellowship program, with the idea of placing young artists in fellowships, preparing them for professional careers in Mexico and abroad, including helping them to understand how museums work with respect to artists at the international level.

The Contemporary Project

The Contemporary Project (TCP), founded by Professor Richard Meyer, aims to bring the best of academic culture (e.g. respect for ideas, historical consciousness, student energy and open-mindedness) into conversation with contemporary art, curatorial practice, and criticism. IMI collaborated with the Contemporary Project to present “A Museum of Ideas” and “Annie Cohen Solal on the Life of Leo Castelli.”

Visions and Voices

The Fisher Museum of Art and IMI are proud participants of Visions and Voices: the USC Arts and Humanities Initiative. Providing USC students, faculty, and staff rich cultural programming throughout the school year.

“I Dig Museums!”

IMI has helped to support the USC Archeology Research Center, LAUSD’s Art and Artifact Collection, InscriptiFact and mentored USC undergraduate students (ArcSmart Archeological Educators). IMI is proud to have helped support LAUSD’s students in gaining hands-on access to ancient museum objects in their own classrooms.